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Available Downloads

Description:Date Uploaded:
Application for Baptism05 July 2018 View
Events During 201829 June 2018 View
EM & Reader Schedule24 June 2018 View
EM & Reader Schedule01 April 2018 View
Activities in the Church Hall09 March 2018 View
EM & Reader Schedule Oct 17 to Mar 1822 September 2017 View
Standing Order Form09 February 2017 View
Application for Wedding07 August 2015 View
Parish Census Form01 May 2014 View
Application for R C I A09 February 2014 View
Swindon Deanery Sunday Masses06 February 2014 View
Application for Confirmation10 May 2013 View
Application for First Holy Communion10 May 2013 View
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