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Available Downloads

Description:Date Uploaded:
EM & Reader Schedule24 June 2018 View
Events During 201827 April 2018 View
EM & Reader Schedule01 April 2018 View
Activities in the Church Hall09 March 2018 View
EM & Reader Schedule Oct 17 to Mar 1822 September 2017 View
Application for Baptism22 September 2017 View
Standing Order Form09 February 2017 View
Application for Wedding07 August 2015 View
Parish Census Form01 May 2014 View
Application for R C I A09 February 2014 View
Swindon Deanery Sunday Masses06 February 2014 View
Application for Confirmation10 May 2013 View
Application for First Holy Communion10 May 2013 View
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